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We are excited for you to join us!

Balorado: A community oriented Balboa Festival
in the heart of Denver.
  • June 23-25

  • Dance workshops featuring main instructors: 

    • Heather Ballew &​ Javier Johnson

    • Kate Hedin & David Rehm

  • Live music with the Jonathan Ng All Stars

  • Additional Classes with Jonathan Ng & Laura Keat

  • FUN Contests

  • Local dance venues

  • Paddle boarding/ Beach Day - Friday

  • Park Games & Food - Sunday

  • Affordable prices for YOUR budget.

    • See below




Show Your Support for Programs like Balorado!

Programs like Balorado and California Balboa Classic are made possible in part by tax deductible donations to the PSDF Programs and Operations Fund. Your support helps ensure sure we can keep the lights on AND mount new programs in the future!

Make a tax deductible donation now

Limited budget? 
Please take the discounted prices if you need them, and consider purchasing the higher tier to support & offset those that are on a tighter budget. 

If you still can't afford our prices, PLEASE contact us and we will do everything we are able to support you. 
We have a few scholarship spots and a few volunteer slots.

Denver Turnverein members receive an additional $15 off with code "TURN"

All tickets increase on June 1st by $15

Full Weekend Pass:
Includes ability to compete, access to all classes, dances & extra curricular activities.
Before June 1:

  • Main ticket: $200

    • $185 for Turnverein members

  • "I can help someone else": $225

    • $210 for Turnverein members

  • "I need a little help": $175 (limited tickets)

    • $160 for Turnverein Members

Partial Weekend Pass:

Includes ability to compete, access to dances & extra curricular activities

Before June 1: 

  • $85

    • $60 for Turnverein members

Saturday Night Only: (limited spots available)

Before June 1:

  • $35

    • $20 for Turnverein Members​

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