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    Green Circle 

Beginner Mini Track


In the Green Circle Track, we'll be lolly-ing down the bunny slopes and covering all the basics. No experience is needed! Expect to cover topics like up-holds, down-holds, lolly kicks, out & ins, and toss-outs. 


Expect to cover the following material:

    Blue Square


Intermediate / Intermediate + 

No level check.

Congratulations, you've graduated from the bunny hill! It's time to sharpen your edges and tighten up those turns. Dancers in the Blue Square Track should have a FIRM grasp of material described below and be able to dance to songs between 120 bpm and 180 bpm (beats per minute). This track is ideal for those ready to improve their technique and build their vocabulary of moves & stylings to handle anything the mountain or the dance floor throws at them.

Dancers in this track are expected to know the following required material and should be familiar with at least some of the additional material.

Required material:

Additional material:

    Black Diamond


Advanced / Advanced + 

No level check.

The powder is fresh, and so are your skills! In the Black Diamond Track, we'll be shredding gnarly terrain at speeds up to 230 bpm. Dancers are expected to have a solid Bal repertoire and come to class ready to work on nuances. Moves are NOT the focus in this track, how you move and connect to your partner and the music will be the focus.

Dancers in this track should easily be able to do the material for the Intermediate Track. They are also expected to know the following required material and should be familiar with most of the additional material.

Required material:​

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