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Denver Turnverein

1570 N Clarkson St.

All classes and the Friday and Saturday night dances will take place at the Denver Turnverein. 

The Savoy Denver

2700 Arapahoe St.

The Sunday night dance will take place at The Savoy Denver.


Denver Turnverein

Overflow Parking 1 for the Turn is just south of the building in the parking lot for the Fillmore Auditorium. 
Overflow Parking 2 for the Turn is a 1/2 block north of the building in the Midwest One Bank lot* 
*You must get a parking pass for this lot from the front desk of the Turnverein. 

The Savoy Denver

Street parking is closest
Alternate Parking - Southeast corner of Curtis & 26th in the Montessori School parking lot. 


Ground transport

If you are being hosted, you may need your own transportation. Chat with your hosts to verify.

Car rental- Save by renting cars directly from locals using these services:

Robby's Comprehensive Guide of Cap Hill and Lower Uptown

The Turn is located on 16th and Clarkson, putting it just north of the Capitol Hill/Uptown dividing line, Colfax Avenue. Both are bustling, lively neighborhoods with lots to see, do, and eat all in walking distance. I hope you try some of it out and come to love this little slice of Denver like I do
~ Robert Bradford

Places to Eat


Pizza place weirdly owned by the neighboring liquor store, somehow. But it’s a nice liquor store and pretty good pizza by the slice. I recommend the white pizza. Chill vibes, a local favorite. 4 minute walk from the Turn. $



What more can I say, they do Gyros? Fast, cheap, pretty good Gyros. Fast food, but better vibe. The cover photo on the landing page for their website is a burger, which they do not sell. 4 minute walk from the Turn. $

Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs

Good sandwiches with a side of weed jokes. Honestly? Think about what you’d want to eat when you’re stoned. That’s this place, in a good way. 5 minute walk from the Turn. $

Watercourse Foods

Vegan comfort food, a little upscale, and very hip. I once caught Krister walking into the Turn with a take out bag from here and he said it was a must-try. 4 minute walk from the Turn. $$

Jelly Cafe

Hot brunch spot serving hearty typical brunch fare in a pop-art breakfast cereal inspired space. Very cool. 10 minute walk from the Turn. $$

Thump Coffee

Chill coffee spot. Good drinks, community tables, elder millennial hangout spot vibes. Like, a place a couple in matching tan jackets comes to talk about, but not bring, their kids. 13 minute walk from the Turn.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Come on, you’ve always wanted to try them, right? They’re as good as people say, for real. The walk down Colfax is a little sketch, ngl, but it’s fine. Maybe take 16th to Park Ave. 12 minute walk from the Turn.

Liks Ice Cream

Little neighborhood ice cream spot very near Cheesman Park. The ice cream is good, and the community vibe is better. Zero pretension in this place, this is not where fashionable people get ice cream. This is ice cream for normal people. 24 minute walk from the Turn, maybe 2 minutes from Cheesman.

Things to Do

Denver Botanic Gardens

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, Robby couldn’t think of anything so he’s putting the botanic gardens as a cop out.” No. False. Our gardens are crazy amazing. Just off Cheesman Park, they’re a local favorite. Very community focused attitude, and a stellar assortment of plant life. 10/10, I go at least once a week. 30ish minute walk from the Turn.

1UP Arcade Bar
Nice barcade on Colfax. They’ve got skeeball, pinball, a huge assortment of cabinet games, and cheep booze. 3 minute walk from the Turn.


Denver Art Museum

Our museum is pretty rad, tho. Rotating installations, usually some sort of special installation going on. Let me know if you find the Water Lillies panel. 17 minute walk from the Turn.

Denver Zoo

Ok, this is maybe a drive, but it’s still in Uptown, so I’m including it. In the middle of City Park, honestly a great zoo very engaged with the community. They just got a new sloth pup, too! 46 minute walk from the Turn.

Nob Hill Inn

Consistently voted Denver’s best dive bar, this place is grungy. A perfect place to do things you’ll regret later. Right in the heart of Colfax, which I kid you not, has the slogan “Less Fancy More Fun” printed on lamppost banners with an anthropomorphic cartoon beet with three eyes. Insanity. 7 minute walk from the Turn.

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