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Advanced/Amateur Crossover Mix & Match

Prelims: Advanced & Amateur individuals will dance in separate prelims. Amateurs will dance with amateurs and advanced will dance with advanced. The top 3 leads & top 3 follows will be selected in each category. Prelims will have a minimum of 3 songs in each heat.

Finals: Finalists from the Advanced Mix & Match prelims will randomly draw a finalist from the Amateur Mix & Match prelims to dance with. The paired advanced dancer and amateur dancer will be judged as a couple in the final crossover round. 


Amateur: An amateur dancer has not placed in the top 3 placements in any national level competition. 

Examples of national level competitions: CalBal, Camp Hollywood, ILHC, ABW, Asia Balboa Classic, ESDC, etc. 

Regional Competitions: please use discretion about placing high in a regional competition and consider entering the Advanced category instead of Amateur. 

Making it to the finals in both roles: If a dancer makes it to the finals in both roles, they must select to compete as either a lead or a follow, they cannot compete in both. 

Switch and Match

Prelims: Individuals will dance in heats to a minimum of 3 songs with 3 different partners. Judges will select finalists during the last song of the prelims to move on to the final round. Limited to 20 contestants. 

1st song: Group "A" leads, and Group "B" follows

2nd song: Group "B" leads, and Group "A" follows

3rd song: Partners are encouraged to switch roles throughout the song.

Finals: Finalists will draw a partner then they will dance a warm-up all-skate where each partner leads for one song and follows for one song. Each couple will dance a 90-second spotlight (or dual spotlight) while switching roles. Couples must switch roles at least two times within their spotlight.



Switch Contest: Both partners must demonstrate dancing in the lead and follow role.

Invitational Mix & Match

Finals: Invited dancers will randomly draw a partner and be judged as a couple. Each couple will go straight to a dual spotlight (no warm-up) where they dance with one other couple in a phrase battle. They will dance one chorus together with both couples "A" & "B", one chorus with just couple "A", one chorus with just couple "B", and one more chorus with both couple "A" & "B".  All couples will dance a final all skate that is not judged. 

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